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Why You Should Book Direct with Ambiente Apartments

Reception at Ambiente

When the word “reception” is spoken, each of us immediately imagine a large hotel in which a huge table is and behind it a nice young lady, asking how to help us. Yes, there are also those of us who would imagine a room full of well-dressed people, music and excellent food for free. However […]

Tallerova Art Deco Apartments by Ambiente

When wandering around the world we often get interested by history, architecture and culture of the visited country. Everybody prefers different things but for many people it’s mostly history and atmosphere breathing streets and alleys in the oldest parts of the towns, their secrets, stories and magical hidden places. Have you never thought of what […]

Doing Business in Bratislava & Staying at Ambiente Apartments

Business travel is booming in Bratislava. The city has historically been a commercial center due to its convenient location on both banks of the Danube River and along the River Morava. In addition to an increasing number of international companies, Bratislava is home to many universities, museums, theatres, galleries, and sporting events. The Bratislava region has been ranked as the third richest region in the European Union by GDP.

Where to go for a run in Bratislava

Bratislava has a lot to offer and among other things it provides great running tracks for passionate runners. In previous blog we talked events. In this one we did our best to point out the best tracks and believe you’ll be easily able to choose from them. We’re also bringing to your attention a couple of shops which you can find useful.

Top 7 Running Events in Bratislava

Many of you have favourite free time activities which you like, which satisfy you or keep you in form. One of the most popular sport activities in the world is running. If you also consider yourself an enthusiastic runner and love traveling as well, then you must be thinking where are the best places to run in your final destination.

What to Leave at Home When Staying With Ambiente Apartments

It used to take a certain type of person to travel with just a carry-on, a person who didn't necessarily care if his or her clothes were worn a few times or who could wash his or her underwear in the sink. But now, carry-on-only folks also include regular travelers to Ambiente Apartments in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Why You Should Book Direct with Ambiente Apartments

While you might find it convenient to comparison search for accommodation on a third-party aggregator website like Expedia.com or Booking.com, if you're staying in Bratislava and have come across Ambiente Apartment's website, you have already found the best place to stay in the city.