April 16, 2018

Doing Business in Bratislava & Staying at Ambiente Apartments

Business travel is booming in Bratislava. The city has historically been a commercial center due to its convenient location on both banks of the Danube River and along the River Morava. In addition to an increasing number of international companies, Bratislava is home to many universities, museums, theatres, galleries, and sporting events. The Bratislava region has been ranked as the third richest region in the European Union by GDP.

Bratislava is an excellent central location within Central Europe and within the entire continent. It is just an hour drive from Vienna (you can see into Austria from the UFO observation deck in Bratislava), a two-hour drive from Budapest, a three-hour drive from Prague, and a four-and-a-half hour drive from either Zagreb or Krakow. Many of these cities are reached faster by train and of course by plane.

The capital of Slovakia is also appealing due to its charming Old Town, Bratislava Castle, street art, quirky sculptures, and growing culinary scene. (Make sure you try the Bryndzové halušky and the Malé šúl’ance s makom.)

While you’re in Bratislava for business, we have the perfect apartments for you and your team. Business travel can definitely be challenging but Ambiente Apartment makes it easy, affordable, and enjoyable.


Location and Parking

If you book direct with Ambiente Apartments, you can chat with a company representative and discuss your location needs. For example, if you are going to be visiting a client whose offices are near Bratislava Castle, Ambiente Apartments can narrow down your search to those close to that location for an easy commute. A representative can also help you find an easy place to park your car near your apartment if you are driving into or around the city.

Transfer Services to Nearby Airports

If you’re staying with Ambiente Apartments, transfer services are available to take you and your colleagues to either Bratislava’s or Vienna’s airport. Don’t worry about calling a cab or hailing one on the street that might charge you extra if you seem like you are from outside of the city.


Pack Less

While staying with Ambiente Apartments, there are things you can leave at home to make your travels easier. Ambiente Apartments provides basic toiletries, linens, towels, a hair dryer, coffee, and tea. You can also pack less clothing for your trip and do laundry in the comfort of your own apartment, which also means your company won’t necessarily have to pay extra during the flight for additional baggage.


Feel at Home

Business travel can sometimes feel like traveling from one prison cell to the next. Some hotels have rooms without personality with just a single bed and a bathroom. You could be surrounded by other travelers and can sometimes even hear the person snoring and coughing in the room next to you. When you stay at an Ambiente Apartments, you have the whole place to yourself. You can enjoy a full kitchen, a full bathroom, a full bed, a full living area, and can request extra rooms, a balcony, or an apartment with a view. Ambiente Apartments have unique personalities and special features to make them feel like homes instead of like just another hotel. To find out more about why Ambiente Apartments are the perfect combination of a hotel and apartment, read this article.

Room to Work

Because you’ll be in a larger space than in a hotel, you can have your business colleagues over for a meeting, or for after-hours cocktails or a dinner that you’ve made in your full kitchen. If you have confidential or classified meetings, you will have privacy that a hotel cannot offer. You won’t have to worry about anyone overhearing your calls or having to whisper if speaking with other time zones so as to not wake up your neighbors. All Ambiente Apartments offer free wifi and you can work remotely while sitting comfortably on the bed, a couch or chair, or from a desk. Some of the apartments have meeting rooms within the same building that you can rent by the hour. The meeting rooms are fully stocked with wifi, bottles of water, a flipchart, pens, and papers so your team can be their most productive.

Discounts, Upgrades, and Long-term Rentals

If you book direct with Ambiente Apartments, you have access to a number of benefits helpful for business travel. For one, you can save your business up to 40% which your boss will be excited about. If booking direct, you are eligible for complimentary upgrades, which your employees will be excited about. For long-term projects and partnerships, Ambiente Apartments offers long-term rentals without any pauses and long-term rentals without the weekends, if your employees will be traveling back home or traveling beyond Bratislava on their days off.

Once your employees stay in Bratislava with Ambiente Apartments, they’ll be begging for more business travel instead of dreading it. Book yourself an extra room so you can enjoy it, too.

Erin Faherty