August 2, 2018

Reception at Ambiente

When the word “reception” is spoken, each of us immediately imagine a large hotel in which a huge table is and behind it a nice young lady, asking how to help us. Yes, there are also those of us who would imagine a room full of well-dressed people, music and excellent food for free. However Ambiente offers something way different and better.

The reception at Suché Mýto is hidden in a passage that connects two streets, underneath a building where most of the rented apartments are located. You are protected from excessive noise and the sight of the curious passers-by. At the entrance you will be greeted by a member of our team who will be happy to help you with your luggage, provide you with a parking card and have a chat with you, for example, about what you are the most excited about in Bratislava. In addition, he will do a check-in with you in a few minutes, will offer you a coffee / tea or a glass of wine and will show you your apartment or call you a taxi.

As a part of the redesigning of several apartments, we have also changed our welcome points. Today we would be talking about a lounge, where you can sit in large comfortable chairs, watch TV with a wide selection of domestic and foreign channels, use unlimited Wi-Fi for free as well as coffee, tea , or a glass of good quality Slovak wine. You can stop by, relax, read newspapers, explore city maps and chat with our team at any time. You won‘t find more friendly and cozy reception anywhere in Bratislava.

Today there‘s also a possibility of using a keybox which has many purposes to simplify your stay. You often have to leave the apartment early in the morning and the reception is closed. Now you do not have to worry about handing over the keys, but simply put them in the box marked Ambiente. The same you can do in case of late check-in, as your flight can be easily delayed or there can be any complications on your way and you miss check-in time. You can again use our keybox where you‘d find keys, parking card and all the necessary information. Code will of course be delivered by email, but you can not forget about online check-in.

Another advantage is that in the same building, right next door, there is the Great Club and Restaurant, which in cooperation with Ambiente offers a delicious breakfast, salty or sweet, according to your choice, on working days or even during the weekend. You can order this service online or directly with us. It‘s a great thing to make your choice between the hotel and our apartments easier.

The future of our lounge is even more pink than the present. Ambiente is planning to install a self-service kiosk which will make the process of checking-in quicker. It will work in the form of a touch tablet on the stand and the huge plus is that the menu will be in all major world languages. So if you and our team don‘t understand each other, kiosk will help. Even if you use a transfer service from Bratislava or Vienna airport, our driver will have a tablet available, so you can take advantage of the time of the transfer and make a check-in.

As you can read in our blogs about what to leave at home when staying with Ambiente, or about doing business in Bratislava and staying with Ambiente, we are doing our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible and make all the necessary processes easiest and fastest. So do not hesitate and start booking.


K. D.