February 1, 2018

What to Leave at Home When Staying With Ambiente Apartments

It used to take a certain type of person to travel with just a carry-on, a person who didn't necessarily care if his or her clothes were worn a few times or who could wash his or her underwear in the sink. But now, carry-on-only folks also include regular travelers to Ambiente Apartments in Bratislava, Slovakia.

When you stay at Ambiente Apartments, the perfect combination of an apartment and a hotel, you don’t have to bring your whole life with you, which makes your whole trip easier, even before you arrive.

Basic Toiletries

Each Ambiente Apartment is stocked with basic toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Pack your own makeup, contact solution, and of course your prescription medicines, but your toiletry bag can be lighter than if you were staying in a different rental apartment. Not having to bring extra liquids also means making it through airport security easier and avoiding spills in your luggage. (Pro-tip: If you are traveling with liquids, unscrew the top of the bottle and lay a piece of plastic wrap over the opening, then screw the top back on.)

hair dryer

Hair Dryer

As much as they try, travel-sized hair-dryers don’t work as well as full-sized ones, but you rarely have enough space to fit a full-sized hair-dryer in your luggage (plus they’re heavy and the cord never stays rolled up). Since there will be a hair-dryer at your apartment when you check in, use that extra space for something else.

suitcase luggage packing

Half the Clothing You Would Normally Pack

Laundry facilities in each apartment mean that no matter how long you stay, you only have to pack a few days’ worth of clothing. Depending on the season, you could make it with just a few pairs of socks and underwear, two bottoms, three basic tops, and a heavier top (sweater or sweatshirt). Bring a coat, hat, scarf, and gloves in the winter of course, as this is still Central Europe. If you’re traveling for business, bring more formal clothing as needed. There is also an iron available for use in each apartment so you can look your best, even if you’ve just unpacked. (Pro-tip: To make more room in your luggage and avoid wrinkles, use packing cubes and roll each individual piece.)

towels bed linen

Linens and Towels

While some apartment rentals require you to supply the bed linens and towels yourself, leave these at home when staying at an Ambiente Apartment. If you’re doing a long-term stay, your linens and towels will be replaced with clean ones each week by the Ambiente Apartments’ cleaning service. Don’t worry about bringing toilet paper either, Ambiente Apartments has that covered.

city guide map

A Guidebook

Leave your heavy guidebook and those maps that you can’t quite fold up properly at home, because you’ll be provided with plenty of information about where to go and what to do in Bratislava when you check in and once you arrive at your apartment. The talented staff at the reception desks of Ambiente Apartments can answer all of your questions about the city and the surrounding area, whether you’re a foodie or someone in search of something off-the-beaten-path.


While you might want a few podcasts downloaded on your phone or a book for the plane, each Ambiente Apartment has a television and wifi so you don’t need to load up too much for your time in Bratislava. If the weather is not the nicest, or if you have small children who need constant entertainment, board games are available. If the weather’s nice and you have the time, spend it exploring Bratislava outside of your apartment as well.

tea instant coffee

Tea & Coffee

If you’re the type of person who has to have tea a few times a day, you might travel with your own tea bags. You don’t have to do that when staying at Ambiente Apartments as a hot kettle and tea, instant coffee, and sweeteners are available in each apartment. When you arrive at reception, you’re welcome to have a cup there to start.

Fees & Troubles

Not only are you saving money by booking direct online with Ambiente Apartments, you can avoid the extra baggage fees at the airport. Forget about hurting your back lifting your luggage up onto the storage shelves on the train or having your luggage wheels caught on cobblestones, because your suitcase will be smaller and lighter. Avoid checking your bag and you will get out of the airport faster and eliminate the risk that the bag that was supposed to fly to Budapest ends up in the Dominican Republic instead.

Packing lighter for your trip will help you every step along the way. You can do it, and Ambiente Apartments can help.

Erin Faherty