November 30, 2017

Why You Should Book Direct with Ambiente Apartments

While you might find it convenient to comparison search for accommodation on a third-party aggregator website like or, if you're staying in Bratislava and have come across Ambiente Apartment's website, you have already found the best place to stay in the city.

All apartments booked with Ambiente Apartments will make you feel at home, but if you book direct on this website, by emailing, or by calling +421 2/33 41 86 74, you will receive added benefits that you won’t find when booking on a third-party website. Below are just a few examples:

Up to a 40% Discount

Booking direct with Ambiente Apartments could save you or your company up to 40%, depending on availability and the cancellation policy you have chosen. You can spend your money on eating and drinking well while you’re in Bratislava instead of paying extra for accommodation.

panorama city apartment

Access to Additional Apartments

Third-party websites show a selection of Ambiente Apartments but do not provide access to all 80+ options. You’ll find some of the largest apartments, including some suites, only by booking direct with Ambiente Apartments. For example, the brand-new, beautiful, 2-bedroom luxury apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, a 16th-story balcony, and a full kitchen in Panorama City is only available when booking direct.

Assistance Choosing Your Apartment

On a third-party website, while given options and details, you must choose your apartment yourself, but what if you have questions? When booking direct with Ambiente Apartments, customer service representatives are standing by to ensure you choose the right apartment. Do you require a desk to get your work done? Do you have to be ten steps away from a coffee shop at any given moment? Do you want to be close to the bar scene? Ask any questions you need to ensure complete satisfaction upon arrival.

bedroom sofa bed

Accommodation for Additional Guests

Some of the apartments available on third-party sites are limited in the number of guests that can be booked, but if these same apartments are booked direct, arrangements can be made for additional guests for a small fee. This is especially helpful and cost-effective if traveling with a large family, a friend group, or for work teams that would like to stay in the same apartment. It’s much easier and less expensive than renting an additional apartment.

deluxe apartment upgrade

Complimentary Upgrades, if Available

If there is availability, travelers who have booked direct with Ambiente Apartments are likely to receive complimentary upgrades to larger or more luxurious apartments. Upgrades are unavailable to travelers booking through a third-party.

Longterm Rentals Without Weekends, if Needed

Business travelers will especially enjoy this benefit. If you’re visiting Bratislava for a longer project, by booking direct, you can book a full month without weekends or without Fridays and weekends at a discount. This way, you can travel back home or to other nearby cities for the weekend without paying for accommodation in both places, while settling back in at your apartment when you return. You can also of course rent for the entire month or longer without a pause. When you book through a third-party website, you are unable to book for more than 30 nights at a time.

flexible time

Flexible Check-in and Check-out Times

Customers who book direct are typically able to check into their apartments earlier than those who booked via a third-party. This is especially convenient for travelers who are hopping around Europe and may be dependent on scheduled train and bus times. Waiting in a coffee shop for a few hours until you can check into your accommodation feels like a waste of time in a new city. There’s often not even enough room for your luggage where you’re sitting. The alternative of bringing your bags with you while exploring is not feasible for most, especially if you’re dragging wheeled luggage around on uneven cobblestones. Using luggage storage facilities at bus or train stations comes with a fee.

Booking direct also means you are more likely to be able to check out later, which means you’ll be able to stay snuggled in your cozy bed, finish that load of laundry you have in the wash, or enjoy your free breakfast box, which you’ll learn about next.

breakfast box

Free Breakfast Box

If you book direct with Ambiente Apartments, as a welcome gift when you check in at reception, you will receive a free breakfast box. The box typically contains a bottle of mineral water, juice, yogurt, granola bar, and fruit. Fuel up after your trip in to Bratislava as you settle into your new temporary home or save it for later.

Access to Special Deals

By booking direct with Ambiente Apartments, you have access to special deals for add-ons to your Bratislava experience like a ride to and from the Parndorf designer outlets a half hour outside the city or a tour of Bratislava’s best locations for Instagram-friendly photos.



If you’re coming to Bratislava, stay at Ambiente Apartments, and if you’re staying at Ambiente Apartments, book directly to take advantage of all the extra benefits listed above and more. You deserve it.

Erin Faherty