March 23, 2018

Top 7 Running Events in Bratislava

Many of you have favourite free time activities which you like, which satisfy you or keep you in form. One of the most popular sport activities in the world is running. If you also consider yourself an enthusiastic runner and love traveling as well, then you must be thinking where are the best places to run in your final destination.

Bratislava, as well as many other great cities, offers lots of opportunities for those who don’t want to skip running even during holiday or business trip. Hence we’ve decided to bring you a blog about running in the area which consists of a few from many running events taking part throughout the year in Bratislava.


There’s probably no one in Bratislava who hasn’t heard of ČSOB run yet. This all weekend long sport event starts on the 7th of April and continues the next day. You can run marathon, halfmarathon, relay or tenner and then have some fun during many accompanying events. It’s going to be the 13th year and you, if you’re staying in Bratislava at that time, can’t miss it! For more information visit their official website.

csob run running

At the beginning of April you can attend one of the Bratislava’s biggest runs. It’s going to be the 71st year and it’s called National run Devín-Bratislava (Národný beh Devín-Bratislava) which is 11 625 metres long. More info about the event can be found on the website.

run devin castle

Another great running event in this area is Volkswagen Slovakia Run and Fun which starts on the 19th of May and consists of relays. You can put together your own team and attend the race. And as the name of the event says, it’s a lot about fun as well. Look for the information in the news section on this website.


Most likely the funniest family race in Bratislava is Run in Bubbles on the 2nd of June. It’s 4 km long run where you go through a couple of stages full of colorful bubbles. We’re sure this one interests you the most, so for more information search on the offcial web.

Also very funny and interesting is Urban City Race, which will take place in Bratislava for the first time on the 10th of June . This 7 km long race consists of various barries such as weaned bus you have to run through, a container you have to jump on or bulding scaffold you have to climb up on. Sounds like adventure, doesn’t it? So quickly click on their website and register.

urban race run

On the 16th of June there will be a great event for all the active women. You can try yoga, do some running and paddleboarding, but you can also get a perfect make-up done by a professional make-up artist or get some handy advices on what sportswear is the best for you. Amazing coffee and tasty healthy food won’t be missing there. You can race by yourself or with a group of your favourite girls. Just don’t wait too long and register on this webpage.

women run active

You won’t run away from colours – that’s literally how this funny 5 km long run in Bratislava is called. Speed is not important here but fun should by your main motivation because you’ll run through 5 stages where you get covered in colored powder. Anybody can come and join. For registration and information click here.

color run colors

If running is your passion then you should come to Bratislava and join one of these amazing events because it’s worth it. Have you got your accommodation with Ambiente booked yet?


Karolína Doktoríková