December 20, 2017

Ambiente Apartments – The Perfect Combination of a Hotel & an Apartment

Planning for a trip is mostly exciting, but it can also be quite stressful, especially if there are traveling companions' needs to take into account. One of the biggest dilemmas is picking a place to stay, a decision that can really make or break a trip.

Before you can narrow down the choices to the perfect place, you first have to decide whether you’re looking for a hotel or an apartment. If you’re staying in Bratislava, Slovakia, the decision is easy. Ambiente Serviced Apartments are the perfect combination of a hotel and an apartment.

A Variety of Apartments

When renting an apartment from another owner or company, it’s possible that your apartment might not be ready in time or it might not exactly meet your expectations. Because you have limited options, you likely have to just stay there anyway. Ambiente Apartments has more than 80 different apartments in Bratislava so it is likely they can rearrange your booking to another apartment in case you forgot to mention that you can’t sleep unless your bed is facing west or if you need to be within walking distance of your client’s office.


At most hotels, when you wake up in the morning, you know immediately that you’re in a hotel. It doesn’t feel like home. It doesn’t have personality. Your room is exactly the same layout with the exact same furniture as the other rooms in the buildings, which is also, for the record, the way things are arranged in a hospital or a prison and may be a feeling you’d like to avoid. When staying at an Ambiente Apartment, each is unique and has design features specific to the apartment. On the website, you can pick out the perfect apartment with a personality to match your own.

Weekly Cleaning Services

At Ambiente Apartments, you won’t be awakened at nine every morning with three knocks on the door accompanied by a yell of “Housekeeping!” or have to put your things away each day, knowing someone will be in your room to tidy up. When staying long-term in an Ambiente Apartment, you can keep your things where you want them and you have the ability to request a cleaning with fresh sheets and towels once a week, which is much more eco-friendly than daily cleanings at a hotel.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

Another challenging thing about staying in a hotel is that your room is likely just a bed and a bathroom. If you couldn’t quite finish your bryndzové halušky (a Slovak special) from lunch and want to put it in a refrigerator and reheat it in the microwave later, you’re often out of luck. If you do have a refrigerator, it might be too full of expensive soda and candy for you to fit your leftovers in anyway. All Ambiente Apartments have full-service kitchens and equipment so you can even grocery shop and make your own food throughout your trip.


As mentioned above, sometimes a hotel room has just the basics. If you want a place in Bratislava to live and not just a place to sleep, Ambiente Apartments are the way to go. In each apartment you’ll find a comfortable seating area as well as plenty of windows and natural light. For larger groups traveling together, having more than one area to hang out in is essential. If you chat with a customer service representative ahead of time, you can also find an apartment with a sufficient workspace if needed. Remember, all apartments have a television and free wifi.

Laundry Facilities

At some hotels you can send your laundry out to be cleaned, but it’s typically at premium prices and you’ll likely have to wait a few days. Each Ambiente Apartment has a washer so that you can do your own laundry. This is a lifesaver for long-term travelers who may not have had much access to laundry facilities and who did not pack their entire wardrobes.

Shuttle Service

Just as at many hotels, at the end of your Ambiente Apartment stay, you can be transported seamlessly from the reception desk to the airport in either Bratislava or Vienna for an affordable price. Don’t risk taking a taxi that might charge you extra because you’re a visitor. Though you’ll likely be sad to leave, not having to arrange it yourself will give you one last added bonus of staying with Ambiente Apartments.

Flexibility in Arrival and Departure Times

One of the most inconvenient aspects of staying in an apartment from Airbnb or another rental site is coordinating arrival and departure times with the owner in order to exchange the keys. The host often has a full-time job and needs to know your arrival time. When you are traveling, you don’t always know this in advance, and you may not have the international data necessary to contact your apartment host. This is when hotel lobbies and staff come in handy, giving you more flexibility. But you also have this flexibility when staying at Ambiente Apartments, because, for your convenience, there are two reception desks (29 Augusta Street No. 36/C and Suche Myto No. 6).

Concierge-Like Assistance

These reception desks are where you’ll find the talented staff of Ambiente Apartments. When renting an apartment from someone else, you might find a map of the city on the table and maybe a few local menus. At large hotels, there may be a concierge to help you decide where to go and how to get there, but service like this is less likely at smaller hotels. If you are staying with Ambiente Apartments, there are entire guides of Bratislava put together by the staff in each apartment. And you can ask them specific questions throughout your trip. Do you need to have pancakes each morning for breakfast? Interesting in trying a local lavender beer? Would you like to know the best places to check out Bratislava’s street art scene? All these questions and more can be answered by the staff of Ambiente Apartments.

You’re already on the right website if you’re traveling to Bratislava. Ambiente Apartments is the best of both worlds when it comes to apartments versus hotels. Read this post as well about the benefits of direct booking with Ambiente Apartments.

Erin Faherty