January 30, 2019

Ambiente and the Ice Hockey World Championship #1

Sports events of all kinds are always the most popular and most visited. Slovakia has also hosted several international competitions where was fought for a prestigious world cup. This year we will again welcome delegations from different countries and be home for the Ice Hockey World Championship.

Everything has to be well prepared for such a big sport event of the year, so both cities, Bratislava and Košice, where hockey matches will be held, are already thinking of all precautions and the organizers are trying to do everything to avoid unnecessary complications and so everything goes smoothly.

Both, organizational teams and visitors, have to prepare well and do not leave everything for the last minute. Especially those who are going to come from abroad or from far distant parts of Slovakia. In this blog we will try to put together tips and tricks for hockey fans planning a trip to Bratislava.

You know Ambiente – serviced apartments in the heart of the capital city that provide the best price / quality ratio and unique comfort in many ways. Are you already thinking about staying during the Championships? No, it’s not too soon. The sooner you book the accommodation the better. There are several options in Ambiente. If you make a reservation directly through our company website or contact our kind team members, you can enjoy great discounts. Do you hesitate between shorter and longer stay or whether to come to the first or final matches? Remember, the more days with us, the better the price of each added night. But do not wait with the reservation. The probability of the price increase of all accommodation facilities is almost 100%. Ambiente also has customizable cancellation conditions.

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When deciding between the hotel room and the apartment, let’s not forget that all our apartments offer, among other things, common living areas with a seating area and a flat-screen TV where you can watch matches with your friends if you are not directly at the stadium of course. It is worth to mention your own kitchen and washing machine (+ all detergents) and the location. You can also find out about other benefits in this blog.

In preparation for a holiday or trip, it is also important to know a weather forecast for your destination. Slovakia is in a temperate climate zone, which means that in May the temperature can rise up to 25 degrees during the day. So you can also pack shorts, dresses and short sleeves t-shirts. Do not forget about the warmer clothes that you’ll find handy during the games at the cold stadium. If you feel like you have to pack like for a “whole year”, remember that in every Ambiente apartment there is a washing machine where you can wash your clothes and thus you do not have to take a t-shirt and trousers for every day, especially if you are going for a longer stay.

It can easily happen that you have a late night’s arrival, the flight is delayed, or you are rushing to the first hockey game. For these cases, our keyboxes are available. Inside them you’ll find everything you need and can quickly and comfortably accommodate yourself. It is however necessary to make an online check-in in advance. You can ask about this option our team, which you can contact at any time and you can read about it here.

In the following blog you’ll find more useful tips and we’ll also give you some advise on transportation within Bratislava during the World Championships.


K. D.