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Why You Should Book Direct with Ambiente Apartments

Ambiente and the Ice Hockey World Championship #2

In the first part of the article, we discussed why to choose Ambiente Apartments. We have talked about the advantages of accommodation and we have not forgotten about its location or, for example, transportation in the city during such a great event as the Ice Hockey World Championship is. And that’s what you can read […]

Ambiente and the Ice Hockey World Championship #1

Sports events of all kinds are always the most popular and most visited. Slovakia has also hosted several international competitions where was fought for a prestigious world cup. This year we will again welcome delegations from different countries and be home for the Ice Hockey World Championship.


The legendary Dire Streits band, with its 120 million sold albums rewriting rock history and selling the biggest stadiums, is now launching a world tour and with the presence of a few original members, you can enjoy an unforgettable show.


Every year this event brings new trends in construction and architecture. Under one roof, you’ll find everything you need for building and refurbishing, and also examples of the smart wiring and new revolutionary materials to save energy as well.


The Boat Show will take you to the sea and wake you up with the desire to spend a holiday on one of the exhibited pieces. This show does not let cold any lover of powerful machines.


An amazing exhibition full of motorbikes and a great accompanying program full of adrenaline rides and entertainment.

Lord of the Dance

The famous and unbeatable Lord of the Dance returns to Slovakia to amaze our audience again. Their traditional fantastic finale with a glorious addition, which always get a fascinated audience back and forth from the chairs, you should definitely not miss.

Visegrad Film Forum

The Film and TV Faculty of VŠMU will, for the eight time, host top filmmakers from all over the world. The Visegrad Film Forum annually brings new chances to the Visegrad fourth Film Schools.


Al Di Meola is one of the most respected and most versatile guitarists in the world and the Grammy holder. In Bratislava he will present his concert program for the current album Opus. On tour he plays with three teammates, one of them is famous accordion player Fausto Beccalossi.