February 20, 2019

Ambiente and the Ice Hockey World Championship #2

In the first part of the article, we discussed why to choose Ambiente Apartments. We have talked about the advantages of accommodation and we have not forgotten about its location or, for example, transportation in the city during such a great event as the Ice Hockey World Championship is. And that’s what you can read about in the following lines.

As mentioned above, location is very important and we should not underestimate it while booking a place to stay. Especially due to the closing of the roads that we will have in the upcoming period in our capital. We certainly recommend leaving your car at home and using buses and trains. For those of you who would come by car anyway, we have parking spaces within the premises. There you can leave your car for the entire stay and get to the stadium by public transport or by feet. Ambiente Apartments always have a perfect location. The bus, trolleybus or tram stop is always just a few meters from the apartment, sometimes even right next to the building. From almost all of the apartments, you will get straight to the stadium in less than 15 minutes. We currently don’t have Uber in Slovakia, but very popular is Taxify, which we also recommend to use for transfers. One of Ambiente’s services is a shuttle service that you can order in advance and easily reach the airport, station or the stadium. All important information about city transport links will be gladly provided by our team at our welcome points. We’ll recommend you the fastest, most comfortable, but also the cheapest way to get where you need.

We also have to add that the central location of our apartments in the Old Town, or its immediate vicinity, offers countless bars and restaurants, and the possibility of enjoying mach broadcasts with locals and having a good drink or quality Slovak beer. The atmosphere in the streets of the city is also unforgettable. Please do not hesitate to ask our team about public shows on one of the town squares. There will also be a number of fanzones where you can meet other fans and tourists from abroad and have fun together.

You should also hurry with buying tickets for matches. They are already on sale at the official site of the IIHF or the Ticketportal network. You can find all the matches in Bratislava and Košice, bundles of tickets for groups, daily tickets, as well as tickets for only selected team matches. Of course, there are tickets for individual games too. There’s a great choice, but it’s quickly selling, so click click click.

There is also a number of changes expected at this year´s Ice Hockey World Championship. In case you’ve accidentally missed it, perhaps the most striking thing is that in case of a draw in the final match, there will no longer be a shootout to decide the winner. The game continues in overtime until the winning goal is scored. In the group stage, the games will be still decided in the shootout after a draw in overtime as it has been until now. If the changes will be well accepted, they would be used also during the future World Championships.

We believe that our blog series has provided you enough information and helped you make the decisions. We will always be happy to answer any questions by phone, email or personally at our welcome points. The Ice Hockey World Championship is only once a year, and if you love this sport, you must not miss it. We wish you a great experience and a lot of fun.

K. D.