June 27, 2016

Winter with Ambiente

Visit Bratislava in Winter:).

Christmas market in Bratislava


Every year in the middle of November is Bratislava about to change. It is definitely one of the most beautiful periods of the year. The Old Town has a very special atmosphere. The traditional Christmas market is very popular among locals and tourists.

The main square is the most favorite spot where you can enjoy food and drinks and hang out with your family and friends.

Food and drinks

One of the most popular things to get at Christmas markets is cigánska pečienka (gypsy roast). Roll filled with chicken or pork meat, mustard and onion. You also have to try lokše (potato pancakes). They come in both sweet and salty versions.

If you have a sweet mouth, go head and try trdelník. It is a sweet pastry prepared in a special way and comes with a cinnamon, cocoa or vanilla.

The most popular drink you can get on the Christmas market is punč (punch). Sweet drink served with fruit or fruit juice and spices. A traditional drink is also varené víno (mulled wine).


The Christmas market program is coming soon.

Get a full fridge!


Every apartment has a fully furnished kitchen. Make the most of it! Ambiente will even shop for you. Let us know 24 hours before you arrive what you wish to have in your fringe and we will do impossible to get it for you.

Choose from the list maximum 15 items you would like to have in your fridge. Write it down and send it to us.


Bon Appétit:)!