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Theater night 2018

For the ninth time you will have the opportunity to see the gates of Bratislava theaters and other cultural institutions during the Theater Night. Among other things, you will meet your favorite actors and enjoy exciting shows.

The Story of a Dead Wife

The Story of a Dead Wife at Red Stone Castle is an adaptation of a world-famous story full of love, tension and humor. An interactive narrating tour through multiple spaces of castle interiors gives you unique chance of experiencing representative spaces or the atmosphere of mysterious underground from a different point of view.    

Wine under the stars

Beautiful open air event where you can enjoy wine, grilled specialties, lovely coffee or hot chocolate, goulash, homemade desserts and lemonades, tasty cheese from local farm and many many more under the sky full of shining stars. More info https://vinopodhviezdami.sk/

Bratislava – inline 2018

Bratislava – inline is a great event for all enthusiastic skaters, cyclists or even longboardists who can enjoy a ride across the town from different point of view during the night. Come and have some fun on wheels every second Friday at 9pm!