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Hunting and recreation

The Hunting and Recreation exhibition gives a presentation opportunity for companies that offer inspiration for spending leisure time in nature not only for hobbies and nature lovers.

Danubius Gastro

Danubius Gastro is a holiday for everyone with an interest in the presented area. It also brings a lot of new useful information for operators of different types of gastronomic businesses and shops. And, of course, it offers tasting of national culinary and beverage specialties.

Christmas Handmade Weekends

Every weekend, from the beginning to the end of December, Christmas Market will be held in Bratislava’s Incheba Expoarena, where you will find original handmade gifts for your loved ones and friends.

Christmas market

Christmas market has been a traditional part of winter Bratislava for several years now. You can visit them throughout the month and enjoy an amazing atmosphere with friends and family.

The Clay festival

The Clay festival is dedicated to pottery traditions, customs and holidays. Worshops and exhibitions are accompanying by Pottery Fair, ball, allegorical parade and attractions for both children and adults.