April 29, 2016

Taste of Slovakia

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.” Slovak food is hearty, typical of a country with strong rural roots. The base of the meals is mostly meat, potatoes, dumplings or cabbage.

Where to go if you want to taste traditional Slovak food?

Tourists but also locals really like Bratislavska restauracia on the Namestie SNP. You can have a traditional halušky (dumplings) with bryndza (sheep cheese), similar to Gnocchi, is the most famous dish of Slovakia and part of Slovakia’s culture.

Slovak Pub is actually the original 200-year-old wooden house of the Pavelica family from the village of Hybe in the Liptov region of northern Slovakia. It was taken apart and then put together here at the Slovak Pub using 80% of the original material. The pictures on the wall depict sheep farming and the making of traditional Slovak products.

Bratislavsky Mestiansky pivovar follows an old tradition of the famous Burgess Brewery. Nice beer was brewed there and the adjacent brewery restaurant was well-known for its domestic cuisine. The new brewery is on three floors and its aims to lure visitors mainly with a special kind of its own beer, which it produces in opposition to industrially brewed beer.

Restaurant Zylinder on Hviezdoslavovo Square is one of the best restaurants in Bratislava. Zylinder offers a unique combination of selected specialties from the cuisine of the Austria-Hungary Empire consistent with the modern culinary arts.

If you are in Bratislava you should definitely try Bratislavske rozky (Bratislava rolls). The bakery “U Scheuermanna” in Bratislava sold them since 1785. The recipe for their preparation, which originates from this period is still preserved.