April 19, 2016

Why are apartments great for families?

Families are more likely to choose staying in a serviced apartment than in the hotel. Let's be honest. Why would you choose to stay in two separate hotel rooms when you could stay in a two bedroom apartment for a fraction of the cost?

Cost and Space

Saving money is important. A two bedroom serviced apartment is almost half the cost of booking two hotel rooms. For sure, you have much more space in the apartment and also your very own living room and kitchen. Sometimes even wardrobe and working space. For little ones are available baby cot.

The kitchen is something what especially families really appreciated. You can save some money for food, but mostly it means can cook your own meals from the comfort of your apartment. You can also ask for a high chair


It’s important to have entertainment available. In your apartment you can find television, you can watch movies and of course free Wi-Fi provided as well. There is also a playground near some apartments.

Apartments are home away from your home not just for your children. All of them are cosy and very comfy. Better than any hotel.

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