August 2, 2018

Top 10 Bratislava’s Instagrams

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, Instagram has become a big part of lives of most of us. And even though we are complaining about how big waist of the time it is and it often creates false ideas in us, it must be acknowledged that it is also a huge and infinite well of inspiration.

In this blog, we’ve decided to highlight the top 10 Instagram profiles that are worth watching if you plan to visit Bratislava. If you are interested in typical tourist attractions, untraditional hidden locations, art, food, city tours with the residents, or the attractions of life in our small but vibrant capital city, here you’ll find everything you are looking for.


1 #bratislava_

The largest Instagram profile by number of followers which is dedicated to Bratislava was founded by talented Michaela over three years ago. She mostly publishes her own photos but also the ones from other authors. She tries to draw attention to the known and less known places in the center of Bratislava. You will find mainly views of the exteriors, but also tips for good coffee shop.


2 #cojebratislava

Instagram foodblog about dining options in our capital has been working for some time now. And for that time, his owner had really explored a lot of facilities and their dining tables. But don’t be surprised to see only the tip-top photos of the best food here. In this profile, you will find reviews, whether positive or negative, and it is up to you how this will affect your choice of venue for you dinner. However, if you do not speak Slovak, you have to rank it in google translator.


3 #bratislavaregiontourism

The official account of the regional tourism organization Bratislava Region Tourism regularly provides information about the various events and venues that are worth visiting not only in Bratislava, but also in its surroundings and throughout the region. As it’s written in their “bio” you will find here tips for trips, events, attractions and culture.


4 #veganbratislava

Despite the fact that meat, eggs and cheese are a major part of almost every traditional Slovak meal, Bratislava’s restaurants don’t even forget those of you who do not like these sources of food. This Instagram is full of the finest vegan dishes you can taste in the capital, as well as recipes that you can try out in the kitchen of your Ambiente apartment.


5 #bratislava1o1

When you browse this account, you really can find anything. Mixing the best that Bratislava offers will give you inspiration up to. Don’t skip the photo description, as it often contains an interesting and brief fact you may not know. Super is that it’s in English.


6 #instabratislava

This Bratislava Instagram also touches your soul with beautiful photos. It’s worth watching even without planning to visit the city. You might think you already know it, but only till moment you first see this profile.


7 #bratislava_urbanadventures

Urban Adventures Bratislava gives visitors opportunity to see the town through the resident’s eyes. You can book a tour to suit your taste. On their Instagram Account you will see lots of great photos with tips on where to go, what to see where to eat and where to drink.


8 #beautifulbratislava

Another favorite account that is full of perfect photos of our little big city. If you are a lover of architecture, you will definitely come to yours because the author uses enough space to give you a view of it from unusual angles. You just want to get closer.


9 #deliciousbratislava

One more foodblog which is certainly worth seeing is Delicious Bratislava, whose author is the same person who created Beautiful Bratislava. This means a regular dose of incredible photos of the best that our restaurants, bistros, food stalls or cafes can offer.


10 #visitbratislava

Last but not least, the Tourist Information Center’s official account has to be highlighted. They publish the most beautiful photos of the various authors and they are also very likely to publish yours. Tips for perfect views, cultural events and other extraordinary features are a matter of course.


K. D.