December 4, 2020

Christmas Stay with Ambiente Apartments

For many of us, Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. A time of peace with family, close friends, evenings of intimate conversations, good food and well-deserved peace. These beauties are brought not only by the Christmas holiday itself, but also by the period that precedes it. The whole world will turn into a festival of joyful anticipation, suddenly everyone will find time for short sessions after work, mulled wine or poppy strudel despite strict diets, and maybe lonely walks through the city dressed in colourful lights. But it seems that we have been looking forward to this year’s holidays in vain and we will close the year without Christmas joys. Or is there still a solution? Read on.

Time flies very fast, and only recently we have realised that December is already here. We have to admit, at first we were sad and we have almost come to terms with the current situation. The next moment, we were already turning on the creative nooks and crannies of our minds. Let’s have a beautiful Christmas this year as well, so let it be different, but in a positive sense.

What options are there at Ambiente Apartments?

The decisions of the Central Crisis Staff greatly influence mass events, and therefore most of them are being canceled. Christmas markets in Bratislava are not taking place in this year. Hand on heart, although we all want to behave responsibly, to a certain extent we’re sad about it. But how about your own, private Christmas markets in one of the beautiful and spacious Ambiente Apartments overlooking the most beautiful streets of the Old Town? Do you like this idea? So prepare a plan, come up with a holiday menu, call the family and book one of our Christmas apartments for a special discounted price. In case you want to get into the holiday spirit right from the start of your stay, get in touch with our team and let us prepare a special Christmas decoration at your apartment.

Health needs to come first, and this sentence has a much greater weight in this period than ever before. We have always taken hygiene measures seriously, but now our guests can stay with us with a 100% sense of security, we now place even more emphasis on them. We clean all our premises with ozone, which removes viruses and bacteria with a 99.9% success rate.

How should I proceed?

First of all, think positive. Maybe you’re already tired of this phrase, but it won’t work otherwise. Decisions can change from day to day. Nobody has any idea what is ahead of us, so stress is just a waste of time 🙂

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