April 27, 2016

Why choose a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel?

Serviced Apartments are quickly becoming the preferred choice of accommodation as an alternative to hotels. They are usually a cheaper, offering you more space, more privacy and more freedom than you get in a hotel.

1. You are charged per apartment opposed to per person
Most hotels you stay at will be charging a per person rate rather than a per room rate.

2. You will save a lot of money

If you’re staying at the hotel and need to do your laundry, you’ll need to pay extra for the service. If you want to eat in the room, you’ll need to order room service and the costs of these small things add up.

3. You can stay for a short time or for a long time
With an apartment you have the option of staying one night or you can stay a few months or even a year if you want to.

4. You have your own space
Unlike hotel rooms that are often cramped, serviced apartments have plenty of space to move in. Asides from the bedroom, there’s a living room and a fully equipped kitchen.

Serviced Apartments are great for:

Families – If you are traveling with your family, especially kids, a serviced apartment are the best choice. A Lot of apartments are kid-friendly with play area.
Corporate travelers – If you’re on a business trip, there’s plenty of space for you to work. In hotels, you’ll usually end up working on the bed, which can sometimes be a little bit too comfortable to get any work done.
Relocation – if you are relocating to a new city, a serviced apartment can be your base till you find suitable accommodation. Then you can take your time to find an accommodation that suits your needs.
Medical tourists – A serviced apartment is equipped with a kitchen, hence it gives the freedom to cook according to the terms specified by the doctors.