April 17, 2016

Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Days, when you were running around with a map and couldn't find your way anyway (maybe it was just me) are gone. Thanks to GPS. Nowadays there is an app for pretty much every problem you can have on the road or even in life.

Apps for better orientation
The most popular app is probably Google Maps. It shows you the best routes to get from one place to another. Google Maps can even function as GPS navigation, with voice guidance and all.

Can’t live without Wifi
You just arrived in a new place and don’t have a SIM card yet. Wifi Finder has over 550,000 places with free or purchasable wifi stored in a database. And of course the app works offline as well.

Discover great places
Thanks to Foursquare you will discover great places all over the world. You tell the app what you like eating, and what you enjoy and the app will find matches for you. Based on these preferences, it will keep suggesting new places to check out. And you can also follow other people that have similar taste to yours so you will get new inspiration.

The Cheapest Flights
Doesn’t matter if you are flying to Bratislava or somewhere else. With Skyscanner you quickly find the cheapest flights all over the world. You can have the search results filtered by price, airline, departure or arrival time and thanks to the table visualization you have a good overview of the prices for an entire week, month or year.

No matter what your budget is, you are sure to find a room that fits on Booking.com. There is a huge selection of various accommodations worldwide be it hostels, apartments or luxury hotels.
Very popular is also AirBnB. With the free travel app you can easily contact the hosts, enlarge your so-called wish list or directly book your next dream home. You can rent the room all whole house in more than 190 countries all over the world.

App The Pack The Bag will make sure you won’t forget anything on your trip. You can chose from over 650 packing items in 26 categories and also add new items and new lists or pick one of the lists stored. You can also send packing lists via email.

It may come in handy
Often it takes a while till you get used to converting the currency in your head when you arrive in a new country. Over 160 currencies are saved in the app Finanzen100.

Another “life saver” is Google translate. You can have the keyboard translate any kind of text into 90 languages and it recognizes input in 40 languages.
Trailwallet is the best app to keep track of your spendings when travelling. You can have your expenses, sorted by trip or month and set a daily budget.

Tour Guide
Find a local to show you around on www.showaround.com. You may be lucky and find a tour guide for free.