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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I get the apartment keys?

Upon your arrival in Bratislava, you will meet our staff on one of our receptions. We will let you know in advance which reception will be better for you. One of our reception is located on the 29 Augusta Street No 36/C and second one is on the address Suche Myto 6.

You can easily find them easily thanks to a blue Ambiente flag presented right at the entrance to the reception area. At the reception, we will have plenty of time to go through the list of your potential questions, process the payment if this wasn’t done beforehand, as well as explain all the details regarding the apartment you booked. To insure you are comfortably transferred directly to your apartment, we can provide UBER taxi free of charge.

2. What is the earliest time I can access the apartment?

  • CHECK-IN 4 PM – 10 PM
    Should you be interested in accessing the apartment earlier, please, contact Ambiente Apartments Team in advance to discuss the possibilities. If you arrive to Bratislava very early or your apartment is not ready yet, you can store your luggage in our reception located on 29 Augusta Street No 36/C. If the apartment is available, you can also ask for an early check-in (7 AM – 11 AM). The extra charge for this service is 35 €.
  • CHECK OUT 7 AM – 11 AM
    Should you be interested in having a late check-out, please, contact Ambiente Apartments Team in order to discuss the possibilities. Late check-out can only be confirmed on the last day of your stay and the latest time is 3 PM. The extra charge for this service is 35 €.

3. Can I check-in late or on holidays?

If you know that you need to check-in after our standard check-in hours, please, contact Ambiente Apartments Team in order to discuss the possibilities. t is also possible to check-in within our standard check-in hours during the holidays.

4. What time can I leave the apartment and what do I do with the keys?

The form of check-out depends on the way the security deposit was charged. If the deposit was taken in cash, the check-out procedure needs to be done in person. Should this be the case, please, let us know your check-out time and we will come to your apartment at the discussed hour.

If the security deposit was charged on card, you can just leave the keys on a table inside in the apartment and close the door. Shortly before leaving the apartment, please make sure the entrance door is not locked. The latest check-out time is 11 AM. Should you be interested in having a late check-out, please, contact Ambiente Apartments Team in order to discuss the possibilities. Late check-out can only be confirmed on the last day of your stay and the latest time is 3:00 PM. The extra charge for this service is 35 €.

5. Can we smoke in the apartments?

Please note that properties of Ambiente Apartments are strictly non-smoking. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the accommodation, including balconies.

6. Why there is a security deposit taken from me and when do I get it back?

A security deposit of at least 100 EUR is required upon arrival for incidentals. Ambiente Apartments Team can increase the amount of security deposit collected at the check-in based on the number of guests arriving. This deposit is fully refundable upon check-out and subject to a damage inspection of the accommodation. Please note that Ambiente Apartments will claim against the security deposit for the repair or replacement of any breakages, losses or damage to the property or in case of a breach of Ambiente Apartments’ Terms and Conditions.

If the security deposit was charged on card and if everything was OK in the apartment after your departure, we will release the money after your check-out and inform you about that via e-mail. You should see the correct balance on your bank account within 3-5 working days.

7. What happens if I break something?

If we identify any damage or breakage after your departure, we will take photos of the damaged subjects and identify the repair costs. This cost will be subsequently charged to your credit card.

8. How can I pay for the apartment?

There are several ways to pay for the accommodation. You can either pay in advance via wire transfer, PayPal or pre-authorization of your credit card or you can pay at the check-in directly at the reception. Again the payment can be done in cash or by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard or Maestro. There is no extra charge for choosing to pay via card. For payment with AMEX card we charge an additional 5% fee (higher transaction fees). 

9. What does the price of the apartment include?

The price stated in every apartment type includes the VAT, cleaning services once a week, water, electricity, bed linen, towels and basic toiletries. The price does not include the city tax of 1,70 EUR which applies to adults over 18 years. It does not include any extra services or products which can be booked as add-ons.

10. Is there daily cleaning of the apartment?

We clean the apartment before your arrival and once a week if you stay with us for at least 7 nights. Should you need extra cleaning, you can order this service for extra 20 EUR.

11. What should we do to receive visa paper confirmation that we need in order to obtain visa to travel to your country?

It is important to obtain the payment first in order to issue a visa paper and invoice for our guests. Please contact Ambiente Apartments Team when you book your apartment about your request and we will discuss the payment possibilities.

12. Is it possible to extend my stay and how can I do it?

Should you be interested in extending your stay, Ambiente Apartments Team will be happy to check the availability. If the apartment is available, we will just arrange the meeting because of the extra payment. If it is not available, we will provide the most suitable alternatives for you.

13. Are pets allowed in you apartments?

Please note that pets are only allowed when consulted in advance with Ambiente Apartments Team and after receiving a special permission. The extra charge for accommodating your pet is 20 EUR per night.

14. What extra services and products do you offer?

We provide several extra services which can be book as an add-on during the booking process.

  • Airport transfers
  • Baby crib/cot
  • Baby chair
  • Parking
  • Bicycle rental
  • Full-fridge

Should you have any other special requests, please contact Ambiente Apartments Team.

15. I am an owner and I want to offer you my apartment.

It is our pleasure to take care of your apartment and to cooperate with you. Please, contact Ambiente Apartments Team – for further information. It is important for us to know the location of the apartment, number of bedrooms, parking possibilities, equipment, monthly rent and to see recent photos of the apartment.