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Why You Should Book Direct with Ambiente Apartments

How to book a Serviced Apartment

Book your perfect serviced apartment is easier than you think. You can choose a location which suits to you. Every apartment has a different price. Depends on your budget and on your needs.

Taste of Slovakia

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.” Slovak food is hearty, typical of a country with strong rural roots. The base of the meals is mostly meat, potatoes, dumplings or cabbage.

Why are apartments great for families?

Families are more likely to choose staying in a serviced apartment than in the hotel. Let's be honest. Why would you choose to stay in two separate hotel rooms when you could stay in a two bedroom apartment for a fraction of the cost?

Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Days, when you were running around with a map and couldn't find your way anyway (maybe it was just me) are gone. Thanks to GPS. Nowadays there is an app for pretty much every problem you can have on the road or even in life.